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Dubai is one of the best places for dune bashing

Dune bashing in the large desert of Dubai

Just next to one of the greatest cities in the world, is one of the most fun places for dune bashing. Dune bashing Dubai can be made in a car, buggy or motorcycle. On a motorcycle, because of its light weight on most horsepower per weight of all this vehicles, is probably the most fun way and it offers the most options how to bash dunes in Dubai.

Once you can handle the motorcycle in a dune bashing trip in Dubai, you can jump over dunes, slide, surf and drift over the slopes and much more. Incredible fun!

Dune bashing Dubai

Normaly we take the vehicles into the desert to start dune bashing in Dubai. We have as well some easier track with less deep sand then the dunes in Dubai, to learn how to master the bike in every situation.

For dune bashing Dubai on any vehicle, its a must to have an experienced guide and the skills how to ride in the sand of the dunes in Dubai. MX-Academy has different professional offroad riders and rally Dakar participants who will show you all the tricks, technics and secrets that professional riders use.

 Picture left: Dune bashing Dubai - ready to go!  Picture right: Dune bashing Dubai - star

Our professional riders in dune bashing Dubai will exactly know and see what your skills are and what you are capable to do. They will encourage you to your limits, but protect you from the danger in the desert, that should never be underestimated. Despite all the beauty the desert in dune bashing Dubai will show, there are many secrets and dangers hidden. In the MX-Academy is safety very important, and thats why we never take riders for a dune bashing Dubai trip without preperation. Our guides will teach you the necessary skills needed for dune bashing and will take you into the desert as soon as you are ready.

Dune bashing Dubai overnight trip:

MX-Academy offers as well overnight dune bashing Dubai trips, what will be an experience that will most probably never be forgotten!

Dune bashing Dubai - on top of the dune

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Dune bashing Dubai | MX-Academy

Enjoy dune bashing Dubai, dune bashing Abu Dhabi



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